Monday, June 27, 2011

I survived May!

All of May, and the first part of June have been totally crazy!  I knew they would be.  They always are.

But all that is done now.  No more end of the school year plays, recitals, assemblies, concerts or class parties. (at least until next school year) Lacrosse games are done, and we are down to just the summer hockey for our high schooler.  I'm finally catching my breath.  In early June we took our teenage daughter to Chicago along with our 9 month old.  It was a heck of a lot of work, but we all had a good time.  Dragging a teething baby around the city is not easy, but she was a trooper.

I did my turbo jam video today.  It was a kick-butt workout.  Even more so than usual, because I haven't worked out like I would have liked to, and my body is being slow to remember how to jump around like a crazy woman.  I know I'm going to be so sore tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it.  Strange I know, but that sore feeling makes me feel stronger and more fit.  Is that crazy?

I was the kind of mom that I want to be today. Got my workout in, we all did some chores, read scriptures as a family, took the kids to see Cars 2, had a fun "family home evening" where we had a gospel lesson, BBQ and played badminton.    It was fun.  I hope we have another great day tomorrow.  Now I'm exhausted, and I'm going to get some sleep.... If the baby will let me.  Night!