Friday, February 26, 2010

Sliding backward

Wow. It is amazing what a difference a few weeks can make. This time for the negative. I have felt so sick and yucky. There have been days (like today) when I have hardly crawled out of bed. Exercise has been out of the question. Even if I felt well enough, I am not allowed to due to some pregnancy complications that I have had. :(

I haven't been eating well at all! It is hard to find something that sounds good to eat, let alone something healthy. So to sum it up, I have been sitting around doing nothing and eating crap. I have gained 20 pounds.

I should be feeling better in about two and a half weeks. I am dying to feel like myself. I did do squats the other night. My sore muscles felt wonderful. I have missed that feeling. As long as everything goes okay, I should be able to start exercising around that time. I just don't want to slide so far backward that I feel helpless. Any thoughts, ideas, or prayer would be helpful.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Time flies when you feel like crap!

Wow! Time has really flown by. We had our first Dr's apt. on Tuesday this week. He did an ultrasound.... and everything looks great! I'm 8+ weeks along and really feeling like crap. We went ahead and told the kids on Tuesday night. They were super excited. (even our 15 year old)
I have had a hard time not eating everything in sight! I am hungry ALL the time. Getting to the gym has been a challenge since I am also SO tired. In just a few short weeks my life has totally changed. I figure I have about 5 weeks left til I'm feeling better. (for the most part) It will be Spring time then, and I can hardly wait.

Until then, I am doing the best I can. It's funny, but the fatigue I'm feeling reminds me of before I had lost weight. Oh well, I couldn't ask for a better curve ball. :0