Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last night we had an activity at the church. As I was getting out of the car, I noticed that my 7 year old daughter was marching through the parking lot and stopped in the middle of it with her arm and hand outstretched for an oncoming car to stop. Since the car clearly saw her and I knew she was in no danger (except maybe of looking crazy). I ran up to her, grabbed her hand playfully and ran the rest of the way across the parking lot. Huh, I thought to my self. That was really easy. I felt so light on my feet. I was really surprised. Shocked really. I work out 4 or 5 times a week, but never run because that's what "thin" people do. Hmmm, maybe I'll give it a shot!
I finished up the night at the gym doing 40 min. on the elliptical, and 15 min. on the bike. Good day. Oh, and I'm up to 67.5 pounds lost. Yehaw!


  1. Wow! Came to your page after you commented on my blog. Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement!! And wow! 67.5 pounds lost!! So inspiring! Congrats! :)

  2. Congrats on your pounds lost! Awesome job!

  3. Holy Cow. Just stopped by your blog. Great job on the weight loss. 67.5 pounds lost, that is amazing. Going to follow to keep up with your success. Come vist me sometime.