Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Surprise

Sorry I have been a little mia lately. We surprised the kids on Wed. with "Christmas." We woke them up and then off we went to the airport.
We are here at Walt Disney World and having a great time. I have decided it is hard to eat healthy at the parks. There just isn't much of a selection. (although I did have a very yummy veggie burger on Thursday.)
So, I'm not eating great, but I am really trying to get some mileage in. That hasn't been too hard running around with five kids! We are done at the park for now, and will board the ship next week. More food challenges, but also I'm hoping better options. Off to bed now, I can't believe how tired I am!


  1. OH WOW!!!
    Can i be your kid?
    lol. That is too cool. Your kids must be having a blast (and realizing how lucky they are)Have a great time and enjoy's vacation.

  2. Are you kidding me? What a wonderful surprise for them! Have fun.

  3. Hope youre having a great time!

  4. came back to reread your post and ponder for next year...hmmmmm....hope your still having fun.