Friday, February 26, 2010

Sliding backward

Wow. It is amazing what a difference a few weeks can make. This time for the negative. I have felt so sick and yucky. There have been days (like today) when I have hardly crawled out of bed. Exercise has been out of the question. Even if I felt well enough, I am not allowed to due to some pregnancy complications that I have had. :(

I haven't been eating well at all! It is hard to find something that sounds good to eat, let alone something healthy. So to sum it up, I have been sitting around doing nothing and eating crap. I have gained 20 pounds.

I should be feeling better in about two and a half weeks. I am dying to feel like myself. I did do squats the other night. My sore muscles felt wonderful. I have missed that feeling. As long as everything goes okay, I should be able to start exercising around that time. I just don't want to slide so far backward that I feel helpless. Any thoughts, ideas, or prayer would be helpful.


  1. Two or three more weeks and the blahs should be history..I walked throughout my pregnancy.
    Don't allow this crappy period to cause you to eat junk. Even If it doesn't sound good, lean protien, fruits and veggies can be crammed down.
    I did that with my second pregnancy and was so glad I did.
    You don't want to gain all 60 lbs back and then have to relose.
    I hope you feel better very soon....
    You will have a beautiful baby at the end...that is the very best thing in the world.
    Hugs to you.

  2. I can so understand what you are feeling right now and will definitely keep you in my prayers. I know that it is hard to eat well when you are not feeling well.

    If you can, I too would encourage you just to walk slowly every day if you feel up to it. It always made me feel a little bit better even when I wanted to throw up. :)

    Take care of yourself.

  3. Ug... thats a tough one. being ill and immobile is not fun at all. And not easy. Take control of your food and make good healthy choices for you AND the baby!! :) I know you can do it!