Monday, December 13, 2010

From patient to nurse

On Saturday evening I switched roles from patient to nurse. My eight year old daughter fell while playing at a friends house and broke her arm right at the elbow. Ouch! We had to take her to the hospital, where she had surgery to put pins in her elbow to hold it in place. Since i just had surgery on Monday, my sweet husband wanted me to stay home while he took her to the hospital, but there was no way on earth that was happening. When you're hurt you need your mommy. So I hobbled along. I was grateful I had had 6 days to heal up.
Our sweet neighbors and her friends have bringing bring lots of goodies over for our family because of her broken bone. This morning a hid a plate of brownies and a plate of cupcakes in the oven just so I wouldn't have to look at them and hear them calling my name all day.
( Here is an x-ray with the pins in her elbow. ) So last night as I laid in bed after an exhausting day, ran through the numbers in my head and made some decisions. First, I decided that I will not have any sweets before the New Year, except on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and then with moderation. With all this sweet stuff floating around it's better for me just to have a hands off policy. I told my husband and her said, "Really? What about ice cream?" I think he was worried he wasn't going to be able to have any! lol
Second, I realized that if I lose an average of 7 pounds a month, I will reach my goal by my 4oth birthday. (That's 17 months away.) That doesn't seem too overwhelming. I can do that. If I am faster, great! If I just stay on track for 7 pounds a month, great! So, that's the basic plan.

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  1. OUCH! Poor girl. :( I've bee the lucky recipient of MANY broken bones (both wrists, ankle, nose, fingers and toes,ribs and collarbone...I know! Lucky to be live I am), so I know what that feels like. Bless her little heart.

    Good that you had a couple of days for recovery!!

    I like your plan. I have to give myself absolutes like that. There are TREATS EVERYWHERE at the office. I have removed the temptation of them by saying NO to all. One is just never enough, so 0 it is.

    7 months. Easy! You can do it!