Thursday, January 21, 2010

6 Weeks and too tight jeans!

Sorry I have been mia. This week I have been working on a huge PTA project, and I have to teach a 40 minute lesson to about 35 women on Sunday at church, so I've been trying to work on that too.

Today I am six weeks along. I feel like crap, but I guess that is good. I've had two miscarriages before, so I'm grateful for signs of a healthy pregnancy. Here is a picture of my handsome little guy (or gal) What a good looking kid!

I am realizing that I had a lot of NutraSweet/aspartame before I was preggo. Slimfast was my go to meal. Quick, easy, no thought required. I am having a hard time making the switch to "real" food, and having to put thought into everything I eat. I would LOVE any suggestions for quick and easy meals. I used to start the day off with a slimfast. Now I'm going for yogurt, 1 piece of wheat toast, and 2 boiled eggs. Thanks to all of you on your yogurt suggestions. I am loving the Stoneyfield and Brown Cow.

My cute size 16 jeans are getting tight around my tummy. :( With six kids, my stomach remembers just how to pop out!) It's a little hard knowing I'm going to be getting bigger before I can get smaller. All my cute summer clothes I bought for my Christmas Cruise will have to be packed away. I'll be waddling around by the time it's warm enough here to wear them. Ironically, I gave away all my bigger clothes (maternity and regular) to good will. If you see a naked pregnant woman walking around in a month or two, you'll know it's me! Oh well. Everybody have a great healthy day!


  1. So happy that things are going well so far. Too bad about giving the other clothes away. Guess you will just have to go get some new cute maternity outfits! :)

  2. Yeah on the too tight is growing.
    I left you a blog award, swing by and pick it up.

  3. Congratulations on your new little bundle!!! That's so exciting!!!
    It will get easier to replace the foods you were eating. What about oatmeal? You can make a big batch of it, then keep it in the fridge. In the morning, put a bit of the prepared oatmeal in a bowl with some milk and heat it up in the microwave. You can add yogurt or peanut butter to it to get some protein, and you're all set!