Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness!

Happy Monday Everyone!  I had a great weekend.  It was WONDERFUL seeing Mr. Handsome again.   I miss him so much when he is out of town.  He is also a huge help with all our kids!   We had a wonderful date Saturday night.  We went to the musical Hairspray and out to dinner.  The restaurant we were going to  with lots of healthy options had closed.  Dang it!  I was trying to come up with ideas of where we could eat quickly before the show started.  Not Mr. Handsome.... he was trying to come up with restaurants that would be quick and HEALTHY for me!  Isn't he so great!!  We settled on chinese stir fry with chicken and lots of veggies.

This morning I rode the recumbent bike for 15 miles.  It felt awesome to finally be exercising again. My cold is basically gone, and my bum ankle didn't slow me down. If anyone had seen me peddling away in my bedroom they would have laughed their fanny's off!  There I was peddling and dancing around on my seat the whole time!  Arms flying in the air. ( I'm still loving the new tunes on my ipod. )   Have a great, healthy day!


  1. Tunes make all the difference, don't they? Glad you enjoyed your date night with hubby. Sounds fun.

  2. Aw you're so lucky to have a great guy that is helping you along the way! You got a good one!