Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working up a sweat.

Yesterday I finally dragged myself to the gym.  I did not want to be there, but it had been two weeks since I exercised, and I was starting to feel it.  Now that things have started to settle down I knew that I had to get back at it.    I was feeling so lazy, that I even took the elevator up to the third floor where the elliptical machines are.  REALLY.

Well, I dragged most of the workout, but I have to say I felt amazing afterward.  I was thrilled that I had finally gotten off my butt and gotten back at it.  Okay I haven't exactly been sitting around on my butt, but it felt great to just take some time to take care of myself.

I guess what I'm saying is, if it has been a while since you've worked up a sweat, just do it.  You will feel better afterward.  Sometimes I think that mental hurdle is much harder than the actual physical one.  So get out there and get moving.  Your body will say thank you!


  1. I needed 2 hear that. Lately I have been looking for any excuse to not work out. It has been a weird catch-22 for me. I need 2 get yesterday.

  2. I needed to hear that too, thanks for getting me off my butt right away :)

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