Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Weigh In

I've got to make this quick, because little stinker bum is being a fussy, but I weighed in this morning.

Drum Roll Please........


So if I round that would be 259. Dang, how I hate rounding up. Anyway, that's my number. I was hoping for a little more of a drop from yesterday. I only lost .2 pounds, and I worked my fanny off, but oh well.

So that is a 9 pound loss from my last official weigh in which was in December. Nine pounds in two months; not bad if you consider I was recovering from my hernia surgery, nursing a baby, and had the holidays to navigate. I will be posting my weekly weigh in from now on, now that I'm almost done nursing, and really getting going.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Congrats! 9lbs in 2 months is great progress!

  2. That's great!!! (and I never round up...lolol)

  3. You're doing GREAT! Great!

    I'm with Devon, too...I never round up. It's not fair to you AND your weight is going down. Just keep those tenths and such as they are. You're working hard to earn it. Celebrate it!

  4. I think it's pretty darn good, in fact. Way to go.

  5. Congrats on the loss! It always feels good to see that number headed in the right direction, down!