Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Expectations

Yesterday was my day to work out in the morning, but my five month old didn't cooperate. So I didn't get to work out til around 11:00 when she went down for a nap. She was sleeping in my room where my bike is, so I decided to do my turbo jam dvd downstairs.

I invited my 3 year old to come "dance" with me. I envisioned her by my side. I would be setting an example of a healthy lifestyle. I could show her how much fun exercise could be. I would be the perfect mommy. This was going to be awesome!!

So we started out, side by side. We both followed the crazy lady on the screen, bouncing, stretching, and jamming. I smiled at my little mini-me. She smiled back up at me. And then she was done. Three minutes. That's all she lasted. I spent the rest of my 45 minute workout making sure I didn't step on, kick or knock her over.

About half way through, the baby woke up! AGH! I was so frustrated I just wanted to cry. Luckily she cooed and played happily, as I listened to her on the monitor and I bounced around the room. Bless her. So there you go. If I can get my exercise in, anybody can. :)


  1. Well done! I think one of the biggest hurdles on this journey is letting go of the idea of perfection and working with what is. Good luck on your journey!

  2. I just found you through Andrew's blog. Well done on getting the exercise in. That's still one of the hurdles I often face.

    I, too, have 100 lbs to lose. It's daunting sometimes but I've decided to lose it 10 pounds at a time.....I'm just shooting for the first 10 pounds lost, then the second, then the third, etc.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. Yup, so true! If you can get in exercise with two kids, I surely can with no kids. It's just a matter of doing it!

    Congrats to you!

  4. Hi - Thanks for coming by! I can SOOOOO relate to this. My daughter LOVES to work out with me...but she doesn't last very long. But it's so cute to see her try - even if it's only for 3 minutes. And GREAT JOB getting your workout in with a 5 month old!!!!

  5. I've tried to do the Shred video's with my kids and they just sit there and laugh at me.

    Plus, I pee myself every time I do jumping jacks.

    I'm better at lifting weights....