Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fighting Back

Yesterday was a tough day. I exercise in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. So I was due for a a workout in the a.m. Well, with a toddler and a newborn that is much easier said than done.

Once I had the big kids off to school, the little ones were up and needing to be cared for. My sweet little baby didn't take a nap until 1:00 in the afternoon! Ug. I had spent hours in my exercise clothes just waiting for that nap so I could workout. To make matters worse, the scale was not being my friend, even though I had faithfully stuck to my eating plan. I also had an appointment at the school to help with the school musical for my 14 year old at 3:00.

In the few minutes after my baby went to sleep I debated what I should do. I really didn't have time to exercise, get ready for the day and prepare for my meeting. And then it hit me. If this is what I really want, I have to FIGHT for it.

There will always be a reason not to exercise. I am the queen of procrastination. But if this is something that I really want I am going to have to do everything I can to accomplish it. So there is was. My decision was made. I hopped on the recumbent bike in my room and peddled away for 40 minutes. It was a few minutes shorter than I would have liked to have gone, but it was all I had time for.

I made it to the meeting ten minutes late. Anyone who knows me will tell you I hate being late. Hate it with a passion! But it was okay. I had gotten my workout in, and even more importantly, I hadn't given up on myself.


  1. That's great that you put yourself first. I also hate being late but sometimes we just can't help it!

  2. Good for you!! That is a BIG step. I too workout in the mornings (at the gym) on M, W, and F. But yesterday it just wasn't happening since I had a sick child. But instead of just skipping that workout, I went this morning instead and am getting ready to do a DVD as well once the kiddos go to bed.

    You are so right. We have to FIGHT for this. Sometimes the fight is with ourselves, but we still have to FIGHT!

    Love this post!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. Nice job - and you are so right! When people say they don't "have time" to exercise I just think (or tell them) you have to make the time! I think we all have enough time to do the things we need/want to do, although as you demonstrated it might not always be when we planed to do it!

  4. "There will always be a reason not to exercise."

    So so so true! And it is so so hard, I know--especially with 6 little ones. But you can do it. Just keep doing it like you did--squeezing out some time for yourself.

    Nice to meet you, and I am looking forward to seeing you meet your goals!!

  5. Thanks for the Comment! I am enjoying your blog very much but I have a lot of back reading to do.

  6. Don't give up on yourself - what a great statement. You wouldn't give up on anyone you love, so why yourself! You're doing great!

  7. Good job! It always sounds worse when you think about it before hand...better after you are done.

  8. No, I'm the queen of procrastination - lol. Way to go. You could have easily skipped it, but you didn't. That is great. Wonderful success that can be built on. You gotta have a Plan B when there's babies in the house :)