Friday, February 18, 2011

Stupid stinking weekly weigh-in

This morning I am racing around the house trying to pack the family for a long weekend snowmobiling trip. I am excited, but a little nervous about eating right. I hate all those temptations that come on vacation.

I worked hard this week, trying to bounce back from a fun, but food filled Valentines weekend. My weigh in this morning was...


I really felt like I deserved to lose more than one pound this week, so I'm pretty disappointed. I finished weening my baby yesterday, and I don't know if that is effecting how much water I am holding, or what. I do know that if I keep eating right and working out, I will lose weight. Heck, a pound a week is better than nothing. I just need to keep at it. 1+1 = 2. Right? All my hard work will show up on the scale sooner or later.

Worked out at the gym last night. I had an awesome workout on the elliptical, and enjoyed some of the great songs ya'all recommended. Thanks a bunch!!


  1. Unfortunately our bodies aren't up to speed with what we want (lol). When we are consistent our hard work will show on the scale...sooner or later. I'm looking at other ways to show my hard work paying off - how I feel, my clothes (looser - yeah), I can now walk farther than I have in a long time without getting tired. Keep up your hard work.

  2. I hate when that happens! Sometimes it just takes some extra time for it to show on the scale!

  3. Argh!! That is so frustrating!!! I bet it's the weaning--maybe still holding on to excess milk?

    Good luck this weekend. You can do it!!!!

  4. The weaning surely is causing some of it. Just keep on with what you're doing and it will happen :)