Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Weigh In

This has been a crazy week!  A precursor to the insanely busy month of May no doubt. There are all the end of school programs, dance recitals, piano recitals, and all the sports going on as well.  Times that by six kids.  Yesiree,   May is a crazy month.
Yesterday,  Mr.  Handsome and I went to the Dr.'s  and he got the old snip-snip.  That's right, my baby bearing days are over.  Six kids is enough.  :)  I've been playing nurse to him, but mostly warden trying to get him to take it easy.  It was a tough night between being up with the baby, and helping him, but I really can't complain, can I?

The weigh is slipping off so slowly.  It is frustrating to see such small progress.  It just makes me want to eat what ever I want, and say the heck with it!

This morning I weighed in at....


Stinking Slow.  I guess I'm heading in the right direction at least.  I wonder if I'm eating enough calories to lose.  I seem to do better, when I don't workout which makes me wonder.

What do you do to jump start things after you've hit a bump in the road?  Needing some ideas and motivation.  Thanks.


  1. I don't know if you are planning ahead and writing down what you eat and drink but it is easy to eat more than we think we are eating. Taking care of your 7 kids (this includes your husband) can mean you aren't taking time for yourself. If you are on program the weight will start coming off again. If not, it's time to get focused again. Hopefully, the older kids help with the younger ones and your hubby helps as well so you can have some time to yourself.

  2. I'm starting to learn its more about what kinds of foods I eat as opposed to how many calories I take it. There is a healthy balance of things that your body can process. When you arn't balanced, it seems to take longer. This week was a lousy one for me food wise. I didn't keep things in balance and I gained even though most days I didn't go over my allowed calories. Looking back on my online food journal I was losing when my levels were in balance. Dunno if that rings true for all, but its something that I noticed.

  3. Slow and steady wins the race :) I know its super frustrating but every pound you lose you get closer and closer and it gives you time to get used to the changes

  4. Congrats on your husband's surgery! Hee :)

    When I hit a wall in my weight loss, I look at the available options out there and pick something new to try. Usually free, LOL; sometimes it's a new recipe website, like, although this most recent stall I joined Weight Watchers which does cost a bit (+/-$18.00 a month for the online only program). It gives me something new to do, I find new recipes, and in general tends to shake things up enough so my motivation stays strong.

    I am a fiend for tracking food, too. If it goes in my mouth, I write it down. I've used notepads, Excel spreadsheets, and I currently track online, using SparkPeople for calories (I've been there since early 2009) and Weight Watchers Online for PointsPlus.

    Keep at it!

  5. Slow and steady is great, but can be frustrating! In looking at your numbers along side your blog it seems like your doing great. I also understand the need for a change up. I just did that myself this week. I set a couple new (attainable) goals related to food tracking and exercise. It feels like a new start which is refreshing and upped my excitement about the process again!

  6. I always recommend Weight Watchers. It really works like a charm, its almost fool proof. Also when you learn the system, you can just do it on your own without paying, which is what I'm doing. Also you can up your workouts, making them longer or more challenging. And drink lots of water! Good luck!

  7. I am slow and steady, too. But over the last three months I have stalled. It is my fault, too, because I have a bite of this there and that, too. I am trying to move forward by counting calories. That is usually what does it for me. When I count them I lose, when I don;t, i don't. michele